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Michael Janz Celebrant is a Sydney Marriage Celebrant. Many people consider him to be one of Australia’s top Marriage Celebrants.

There are many things to consider to find the best marriage celebrant. Some people go on first impressions or “gut feelings”. Others choose on price – the least or most expensive.

You only want to get married once… ensure it’s what you want! Remember your celebration can’t be repeated! Apart from 5 sentences that must be stated to cover legal obligations, the rest is what you want. Remember it’s your ceremony not your celebrant’s.

Here are 10 tips to help you find the best marriage celebrant.

Talk to/meet the Celebrant before choosing

The best way to find the best marriage Celebrant is to meet them. Many celebrants will offer a no obligation first meeting. It’s important the celebrant understands your needs and asks you the right questions. Is the celebrant keen to ensure they understand what you expect from them? It’s also important to understand what is required of you when you find the best marriage celebrant. It shouldn’t take long when you meet them to determine that you have found best marriage celebrant for you.

Check the Celebrant’s availability

A couple of key questions to ask include … Is the celebrant available on the date and time you have in mind? Does the celebrant conduct multiple ceremony a day? Some celebrants conduct multiple weddings a day and it’s important understand any risks of your celebrant being delayed at their previous ceremony.

Choose the Celebrant with the right attitude

Does the celebrant show they’ll deliver a ceremony that meets you needs? It important to understand how they are going to help to determine what you needs. You are wise to consider when you chat, if the celebrant listens to your needs, ideas and concerns or tells you what they will do without a level of understanding.

Choose the Celebrant with a proven reputation

Does the celebrant have a proven reputation? Take the time to read their reviews/testimonials. To ind the best marriage Celebrant heck their website and sites that you can be confident of the validity of the reviews. Sometimes social media may not be truly reflective of quality. See if you can observe them performing a ceremony in a video.

Choose the Celebrant with the right personality

Does the celebrant have a personality that you find attractive? Above all only you will know when you meet. Alternatively, a phone discussion is a pretty good start in helping to choose a Celebrant.

Choose the Celebrant who demonstrates professionalism

Choose a celebrant who is always developing themselves and interest in continuous improvement. Is the celebrant a member of celebrant associations/networks? Has the celebrant done recent training in celebrancy or workshops held by celebrant associations?

Choose a Celebrant with the right experience

Ask how much experience the celebrant has. Above all, try to gauge whether they have spent years using the same old formula. In contrast are they focused on continually learning through experience.

Check out the Celebrant’s location

Is the celebrant within reasonable travelling distance to the venue? Do they charge for travel? Choosing a Celebrant who lives around the corner isn’t the best indicator. Some celebrants will travel anywhere in Australia others operate in a small region.

Understand the Celebrant’s fees

Is the celebrant charging a commensurate fee? Choose a Celebrant where the fee matches the work/service they provide. Do they offer a flat fee or add on extras for travel and extra meetings? As with any wedding vendor there will be a wide range of fees on offer. The saying you get what you pay for is generally true in the wedding industry.

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Checking out qualified reviews can help you find the right Celebrant for you…

“We originally picked a meeting with Michael because of his kind smile on his picture. His picture did not do him justice though, he was such a lovely man when we met up and made us feel at ease when explaining the process in such a simple and clear way. We felt as though he was genuinely happy we were getting married and it wasn’t just a job for him, it was his love and passion. He made the process super easy and got to know us well. Even though we were slow on getting some things back he’d give us gentle reminders, even if it needed a few which we greatly appreciated. On the day he made us feel so calm and our guests were commenting on what a lovely person he was, with some believing that he was actually a guest with the way he was talking about us and our wedding.” Amiee and Michael – July 2022

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