Naming Ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is a great way to celebrate and introduce your new little one to their family and the world.

A baby naming ceremony is like a christening without the church. It can help anywhere you like … at home, in a park etc.

Just like a christening, you can choose to have godparents/guardians and let them be a special part of this wonderful ceremony.

An experienced Celebrant  such as Michael Janz Celebrant, Sydney is an ideal person to conduct your naming ceremony.

Here’s what a Naming Ceremony could look like …

Welcome and Naming

A warm welcome to you all, as we come together to celebrate the newest member of our family, our gorgeous little man Charlie. Today we mark a milestone not only for Charlie, but for his Mum and Dad, Kerry and Chris, big sis Pippa and for those lucky enough to be part of his extended family and friends.
It’s just over two years that Charlie has been in this world. Charlie Christopher James was born on 22 April 2016 only a very short distance from here.

We are all deeply touched by the birth of a baby. That a child is born into this world in innocence and pure love, is indeed a miracle. A tiny human who is so dependent on us for all his nurturing, his nourishment and his learning. Today we see how much Charlie has grown and developed as a result of the love and nurturing he has received.

A naming ceremony’s purpose is to officially give a little one their name and to make the name known to all his friends and family. A naming ceremony has an extended purpose of presenting the little one to the community and to celebrate the arrival of a new person in that community.
We all shared in the joy of Charlie’s arrival – just as we all share the responsibility of shaping him as a person. Charlie needs everyone’s good and caring influence as we offer him our love, our knowledge and our wisdom. The more people to whom he relates, the more balanced and rich his growth will be. Your presence at this celebration today is appreciated, as will be your interest and involvement in the years ahead.

Charlie – your name has been chosen with love and with the strength of individualism. We therefore name you Charlie Christopher James. We wish you long life and happiness in a loving and peaceful world. May you bring joy to your parents, your family and friends.

Pippa Big Sister’s Words

Pippa shares a poem or reads the reasons she loves Charlie

Charlie’s Great Gran is now going to read a poem entitled The Example of Parenthood

The Example of Parenthood

There are little eyes upon you and they’re watching night and day;
There are little ears that quickly take in everything you say;
There are little hands all eager to do everything you do,
And a little boy who’s dreaming of the day he’ll be like you.
You’re little Charlie’s idol you’re the wisest of the wise;
In his little mind about you no suspicions ever rise.
There’s a wide-eyed little boy who believes you’re always right,
And his ears are always open as he watches day and night.
You are setting an example every day in all you do.
For the little boy who’s waiting to grow up to be like you.

Promises of Godparents

Kerry and Chris have asked 4 family members to be God parents to Charlie. Aunty Charlotte, Uncle Tom, Aunty Silvi and Uncle Dave please come forward
Guardians are named individuals chosen by the parents to take an interest in the child’s upbringing and personal development.
So, I formally ask you all:
Will you stay close to Charlie to the best of your ability? We will
Will you help to guide him through life healthfully and happily? We will
Will you try to be a good influence by your own way of living, encourage him to observe worthy principles, and decent treatment of his fellow human beings and his world? We will
Will you encourage and support the challenges of his dual heritage, in particular his bizarre yet devoted support of the Broncos, (given that he was born and lives in NSW) and the constant battle of how to pronounce yoghurt and vitamins. 😊 We Will

Promises for everyone

Kerry and Chris are aware that raising a child holds big responsibilities, and takes a village. They feel blessed and privileged to include all of you in the circle of love and support that will surround Charlie as he travels through life. It is important that they are able to ask for support on occasion, and for Charlie to be able to gain counsel from family and friends – people he can trust to go to as he grows.
With this in mind, will you help to offer Charlie a broad and balanced view of life, We will
Will you encourage him in the virtues we all agree as good – integrity, honesty, concern, fairness and love toward all his fellow human beings. We will

Will you be dedicated a shoulder to lean on, a phone call or simple a supportive text for Kerry and Chris when Charlie starts to challenge them in ways that today they can’t even imagine – I’m thinking teenage years – I’m the father of three boys so I know what I’m talking about! We will


As we draw this ceremony to a close, I say to you, Charlie, may life’s richest joys and blessings be yours. May you grow in health of body and mind to full adulthood and may it be your good fortune to play some worthy part in making life more pleasant for those whose paths you cross.

On behalf of Chris and Kerry I’d like to thank you for your attendance, affirmations and support in the past, present and future.

Naming Ceremony with Celebrant Sydney

First Wedding Dance Etiquette: Navigating the Dance Floor with Grace

Wedding First Dance


The first wedding dance is a magical moment that signifies the union of two souls in love. It’s a time when newlyweds take to the dance floor to celebrate their commitment in front of their family and friends. While the dance itself is a beautiful and heartfelt expression of love, it’s essential to navigate the dance floor with grace and adhere to certain wedding dance etiquette. In this article, we will explore the dos and don’ts of first wedding dance etiquette , ensuring that you and your partner glide smoothly through this memorable moment.

Selecting the Right Song

The first step in ensuring a graceful first wedding dance is choosing the perfect song. The song you select should hold special meaning for you as a couple, reflecting your love story and your journey together. It’s essential that both you and your partner resonate with the chosen song. Additionally, consider the tempo and lyrics of the song. It should be a piece of music that allows for graceful movements and emotional expression.

Dance Style and Dance Lessons

Select a dance style that suits your personalities and the atmosphere of your wedding. Common choices include the classic waltz, a romantic slow dance, or a more energetic and upbeat dance style like the foxtrot or swing. Once you’ve chosen your style, consider taking dance lessons to perfect your moves. Professional dance lessons can provide you with the confidence and skills to dance with grace and elegance. These lessons will not only help you navigate the dance floor with grace but also provide a unique bonding experience as a couple.

Timing and Choreography

Work with your dance instructor to perfect the timing of your dance. The dance should have a natural flow and not feel rushed or forced. Choreograph the dance to have a well-defined beginning and ending, incorporating movements that feel comfortable and authentic. Practice the choreography until it becomes second nature, ensuring that you can dance with grace and poise. This preparation will not only make your first dance look graceful but also help you feel at ease on the dance floor.

Dance in Comfortable Attire

Select wedding attire that allows you to move comfortably on the dance floor. Wedding gowns should be fitted in a way that allows you to move your legs freely, while grooms should ensure that their suits or tuxedos don’t restrict their movements. If your attire is particularly formal, consider having a second, more comfortable outfit for the reception. This way, you can dance with ease while still enjoying the elegance of your wedding attire during the ceremony. Wearing comfortable attire ensures that you can navigate the dance floor with grace and ease.

First Wedding Dance


Communicate with Your Partner

Dancing gracefully as a couple requires communication and cooperation. During the dance, maintain eye contact with your partner. This connection not only adds to the romance of the moment but also helps with coordination and balance. Nonverbal cues and subtle gestures can help guide your movements and create an elegant and harmonious dance. Effective communication with your partner ensures that you navigate the dance floor with grace and synchronicity.

Include Your Guests

After the initial part of your first dance, consider inviting your guests to join you on the dance floor. The act of inviting others to dance with you can be a lovely way to transition from the formalities of the first dance to the lively celebration of the wedding reception. Make your guests feel included and part of the celebration as you dance with grace and joy. Including your guests in this way adds an extra layer of charm to your wedding dance and helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Dance Floor Etiquette

While dancing, be mindful of the dance floor etiquette. Avoid stepping on the train of your wedding gown or tripping on a too-long veil. Grooms should ensure that their movements don’t lead to any wardrobe malfunctions. It’s also important to be aware of the space around you and avoid bumping into other couples on the dance floor. Gracefully navigate the space with respect and consideration. Adhering to dance floor etiquette ensures that you and your partner dance with grace while maintaining a considerate and elegant presence.

Practice and Confidence

The key to a graceful first wedding dance is practice and confidence. Rehearse your dance routine until you and your partner are comfortable with the moves. This practice will not only make your dance look polished but also help alleviate any nervousness. The more confident you feel on the dance floor, the more gracefully you’ll move. Building confidence through practice is essential in ensuring that you navigate the dance floor with grace and self-assuredness.

Capture the Moment

Work with your photographer and videographer to ensure they capture your first dance beautifully. Discuss lighting and any specific shots you want to include in your wedding album or video. This documentation will allow you to relive the graceful moments of your first dance for years to come. The captured moments not only serve as a testament to your graceful dance but also as a way to cherish the elegance and beauty of the moment.

Be Present

Above all, be present in the moment. Your first wedding dance is a time to connect with your partner, express your love, and celebrate the beginning of your life together. Dance with grace and poise, but also dance with your heart. Embrace the magic of the moment, and let your love shine through. These moments of presence and connection not only make your first dance graceful but also imbue it with a profound sense of meaning and emotion.


Angela and Norman's First Dance


The first wedding dance is a poignant and cherished tradition, a symbol of love and commitment. To navigate the dance floor with grace, it’s crucial to choose the right song, learn the appropriate dance style, practice your choreography, and communicate with your partner. Be mindful of dance floor etiquette, choose comfortable attire, and include your guests in the celebration. With practice and confidence, you can dance with grace and poise, creating a memorable and beautiful moment that will be treasured for a lifetime. So, when the music starts playing, take your partner’s hand, step onto the dance floor, and let the grace of your love shine through in every move.

The first dance is more than just a tradition; it’s an opportunity to showcase the love and connection you share with your partner. As you glide across the dance floor, remember that you’re not only dancing for your guests but for each other. This moment is a testament to your love and the commitment you’ve made to each other. The graceful, elegant, and well-coordinated dance reflects the harmony and understanding you have as a couple, and it’s a memory that will stay with you throughout your journey together.

Wedding Photographer Acknowledgements

Foy and Co Photography, Videography & Elopements 

Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu



Paperwork/Legals Only Weddings

Paperwork/Legals only weddings  are becoming an increasingly popular option for couples who want a quick and simple way to get married. These types of weddings focus solely on the legal requirements of getting married, without any added frills or traditional ceremonies.

What are Paperwork/Legals Only Weddings?

Legals Only Wedding ... Just married

Paperwork/Legals only weddings are essentially a stripped-down version of a traditional wedding. They involve completing all the legal requirements for getting married, such as signing the marriage certificate and having it witnessed by an authorized person and two witnesses. This means that there is no formal ceremony or exchange of personal vows. There is a brief “ceremony” where mandatory sentences are shared by the Celebrant and the couple.

Why Choose a Paperwork/Legals Only Wedding?

There are several reasons why couples may opt for a Paperwork/Legals only wedding.

Legals Only Wedding Celebration

For some, Legals only marriages are often chosen by couples looking to get married as soon as possible without the expense of a traditional wedding ceremony. This may be due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • formalising a couple’s relationship prior to moving overseas
  • preferring to be married prior to the birth of a child
  • avoiding the expense of a bigger celebration
  • preferring a more intimate and low-key approach to getting married
  • to be legally married prior to an overseas celebration or traditional cultural celebration at another place and time
Preparing for a Paperwork/Legals Only Wedding

A Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) needs to be completed and lodged with your Celebrant at least one month before the ceremony. You will also need to provide proof of identity (a Passport will cover this) and any other documentation such as proof of divorce or death of a previous spouse.
Prior to your legals only ceremony a Declaration of No Impediment to Marriage must be signed to indicate you are consenting to marry of your own free will and you are legally entitled to marry.

What to Expect

As mentioned, legals only weddings do not involve any traditional ceremonies or exchanging of vows. The focus is solely on completing the legal requirements for marriage. This means that the ceremony itself will be quite short and simple.
During the legals only ceremony, you will be required to sign three marriage certificates in the presence of the Celebrant and two witnesses. All documents are then submitted for legal registration to Births Deaths and Marriages in the State of Australia where you are marrying.

Choosing Michael Janz as your Legals Only Celebrant

When planning a Legals only wedding, it is important to choose a celebrant who is authorized to perform marriages in your location. Couples should also consider a celebrant who specializes in Legals only weddings, such as Michael Janz. Michael will ensure you feel comfortable with his warm but professional demeanor.

Michael has extensive experience in conducting legals only weddings and can guide couples through the process with ease. He can also provide witnesses, as necessary for a small additional fee. Michael is dedicated to ensuring that your legals only wedding runs smoothly and stress-free. Michael can conduct ceremonies in his home office and is able to provide onsite parking for the ceremony. If you prefer, Michael can also travel to a location of your choice for the ceremony.


Paperwork/Legals only weddings may not have all the traditional elements of a traditional wedding, but they offer an efficient and cost-effective option for couples who are looking to marry with minimal fuss. They are a great option for couples who want to complete the legal requirements of marriage before celebrating with a larger, more traditional ceremony at another location. By choosing an experienced celebrant like Michael Janz, you can have peace of mind knowing that all legalities will be carried out in a professional and timely manner.


Elope in Sydney

Elope in Sydney provides you with a customized service for your intimate ceremony or small destination ceremony in the greater Sydney area.

Our packages are designed to allow you to build a unique wedding that focuses on your individual requirements to make your wedding a special one.

Elope in Sydney  packages are from Monday – Thursday (Weekend packages may be available on request)

Packages commence at $1995.00.

Elopement packages include the following:

MARRIAGE CELEBRANT, ELOPE IN SYDNEY … services provided by Michael Janz Celebrant

Sydney Marriage Celebrant, Michael Janz prides himself on creating beautiful weddings that are unique to every couple. From your very first meeting right up until your wedding day, you will feel completely at ease as Michael crafts the perfect ceremony for you.

• A no- obligation initial meeting.
• Guidance and support in writing your personalized ceremony and vows.• Wedding Ceremony Resource Kit, including ideas and options to assist you.
• Unlimited communication in the planning and lead up to the Ceremony.
• A unique and personalized Ceremony in line with your wishes.
• Delivery of your Ceremony on the day in a professional, warm, and personal manner.
• High quality P.A. system and microphone so that all guests can hear the Ceremony and any music required during it.
• Completion of all legal documentation and application for the supply and postage of your Marriage Certificate from NSW Births Deaths and Marriages.

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY, ELOPE IN SYDNEY  … provided by Adriana Samanez Photographer

Adriana Samanez, is a Wedding and Destination Wedding Photographer whose pictures tell a thousand words. Adriana has shot amazing weddings across the globe and is now offering her talents to couples eloping in Sydney.

• Initial consultation to get to know about you as a couple and your wedding.

• Two hours of photographic coverage of your wedding day including the Ceremony, family/ witness photos and a small “just married” session with the newlyweds.
• A slide show set to music which encompasses your story together and creates a beautiful memory of the day.



WEDDING STYLING, ELOPE IN SYDNEY … Options provided by Lovesick Weddings

Lovesick Weddings offers effortless & affordable ceremony designs in Sydney.

Elope in Sydney offers the following Styling Packages in addition to the included Marriage Celebrant and Photography.


• 12 White Padded Chairs Classic
• Signing Table with white linen plus two chairs
• Aisle runner – seagrass runner or fresh rose petals
• Price includes set up, pack-up, delivery and GST.
• (A choice of Wedding Arches and Florals is available at an additional fee).

Just married by Sydney Harbour with Elope in Sydney  A drinks station with Elope in SydneyWooden Arch for your wedding with Elope in Sydney


• 24 White Padded Chairs
• Choice of Any Arch
• Classic Signing Table with white linen plus two chairs

• Aisle runner – seagrass runner or fresh rose petals

• Price includes set up, pack-up, delivery and GST.


Sydney Harbour Bridge backdrop with Elope in SydneyA rustic backdrop with Elope in SydneyWater views for your wedding ceremony with Elope in Sydney


If you live in Sydney, the Elope in Sydney team  can come to your house or unit and stage your Ceremony there!

If you are planning to stay in a Sydney hotel or resort, then we can come to your room or alternatively stage your Ceremony in the hotel or resort grounds. (with permission).
There are so many beautiful places to get married in Sydney that it can be hard to choose a location.
We can help you with a few of our favourite elopement wedding spots.
It is important to note that many parks in Sydney require permission to host a wedding ceremony including a booking through a local Council or Trust and booking fee. This ensures your privacy and access to your special spot on the day.

Click here to Contact Elope in Sydney to create your dream wedding without breaking the bank … 

Phone: Michael Janz Celebrant on 04411 420 918

Legal Only Weddings in Sydney

Want an intimate wedding without all the fuss of a traditional big wedding?

Legals Only Weddings in Sydney (aka Paperwork Only Weddings) are increasingly popular for couples who want to be legally married, without the ceremony, without possible drama or expense of a typical more elaborate wedding with witnesses only attending.

Want a no fuss, no stress inexpensive wedding?

Legals Only weddings are ideal for couples who don’t have the time, money or desire to have an elaborate ceremony. They are perfect for a couple who plan to celebrate at another time or place with family and friends. The beauty of these weddings is that they are cost-effective and stress-free – leaving more time to think about other important details such as your honeymoon destination!

What is a Legals Only Wedding?

This blog post, explores what  constitutes a Legals Only Wedding, legal requirements and why some couples might consider it as their ultimate solution. Read on and find out how to make your dream day still special but with much less hassle and cost.

Elena and Brian Wedding with Sydney Celebrant Michael Janz

Elena and Brian Signing their Marriage Certificates

 7 steps of a Legals Only Wedding:
Get started for a Legals Only Wedding

1. Firstly speak to an Authorised Marriage Celebrant who you connect with and is skilled in conducting Legals Only Wedding. Make a booking for your Legals Only Wedding.

2. Secondly your Marriage Celebrant will provide assistance to help you complete your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM). Your Celebrant will provide the NOIM for you to complete prior to it being signed and witnessed.

3. Email the “Notice of Intended Marriage” (NOIM) to your Celebrant who will enter your information into the NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages Portal. Your Celebrant will send the document to you  for checking.

Set up a Face to Face or Online Meeting

4. Arrange a time to sign the  “Notice of Intended Marriage” (NOIM) with your Celebrant as your authorised witness. This must be done no later than a month before your planned wedding date. This can be face to face, or in 2023 only, online with Zoom or similar.
a. Your Celebrant verifies your identities. Typically, your Passport/s OR Drivers Licence AND Birth Certificate will satisfy the requirements.
b. If you have been  married before, your Celebrant needs to view evidence of your Court divorce document or evidence of your last spouse’s death i.e. Death Certificate.

5. During the meeting the Celebrant provides you with a document, “Happily Ever … Before and After…Information for a couple planning to marry”.
a. Details of the legal wording that must be said by the Celebrant (3 sentences) and both partners (1 sentence each) are discussed. Furthermore you can discuss any other elements you would like to include in your Legals Only Wedding e.g. exchanging rings or sharing personal vows.
b. Additionally you will be provided with information about the other documents that need to be signed.

Your Legals Only Wedding Ceremony

6. A month or more after your Notice of Intended Marriage is lodged with your Marriage Celebrant your Legals Only ceremony can be held. The ‘Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage’ will be signed prior to the ceremony. Signing the Declaration, you declare that you are of marriageable age, and that there is no legal impediment to your marriage. In addition  to the legal words which will be said,  3 Marriage Certificates will be signed  and witnessed by 2 people over 18 years old. Generally they are the only guests at a Legals Only wedding. Talk to your Celebrant if you would like others to attend.

After Your Legals Only Wedding in Sydney

7. Finally, your Celebrant will register your marriage with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and will apply and pay for your Official Marriage Certificate.  It is posted by registered mail to you.

Therefore, if  a Legals Only wedding is for you, contact Sydney Marriage Celebrant Michael Janz for a stress-free paperwork only wedding. Michael is happy to host  face to face meetings and also the ceremony with you and 2 witnesses at his Randwick home office. Importantly talk to Michael Janz Celebrant about other places you may like to hold your Legals only wedding ceremony.

Sydney Wedding Venues

Are you looking for the perfect Sydney wedding venue? Do you want something that is elegant and sophisticated, but still stylish and modern? If so, then you should take a look at some of the amazing Sydney wedding venues that are available. There are options to suit every taste and budget, so you can find the perfect place to host your special day. Check out some of the best Sydney wedding venues below! As a Sydney Marriage Celebrant these are a few of my favourites.


Taronga Zoo/Events at Taronga

Taronga Zoo is without doubt one of Sydney’s most unique wedding venues. With its spectacular harbour views and space for between 15 and 2000 guests it has a  ‘wow’ factor for a memorable wedding day.  Spaces range from a rooftop event/ceremony  space, a magnificent ballroom, terrace and balcony spaces, multiple meeting rooms and garden courts, plus more.

You will be in great hands with a first class wedding coordinator and an event team who will ensure your wedding dreams are realised.


Lords Estate

Lords Estate is a Sydney wedding venue in Seven Hills. The 140 year old chapel, Victorian residence with dining experiences up 8 – 10 guests and authentic 1860’s hall are just some features that make this venue perfect for your special day!

Their spaces can be booked for as little as 4 hours or an entire weekend. They work with you every step of the way to achieve your dream day. You will not be rushed through – these moments of our lives should be treasured and celebrated by everyone involved.

Working with Sydney’s foremost wedding planner to create a set of unique wedding packages tailored for Lords Estate.

Sydney Wedding Venue Chapel Sydney Wedding Venue Chapel Wedding

Milestone Events

Milestone Events Manly, located in the beautiful and historic North Head Sanctuary. Located just minutes from iconic Manly Beach is a boutique Sydney wedding venue that offers an experience like no other – every event will be unique and special to you both!

Sydney Wedding Venue harbor viewSydney wedding venue reception


You’ll never forget your wedding at this incredible venue! With views that span both the Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay, you will be able to capture all of these moments in picturesque perfection. You can enjoy breathtaking scenery while having dinner with friends or family members before cutting into an amazing cake made just for two people who deserve it most at this iconic Sydney wedding venue.

Sydney Wedding Venue iconic location bride and groom

Chiswick Woollahara

Celebrate your wedding day at one of Sydney’s most romantic and intimate venues. With a unique location, picturesque setting, delicious, seasonal menus, incredible service and stylish furnishings, Chiswick will create the perfect day that you and your guests will remember forever.

Sydney Wedding venue stylishSydney Wedding Venue Garden ceremony

Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden is an oasis of vibrant specialty gardens, lush lawns and heritage buildings perfect for wedding ceremonies. The venue has beautiful outdoor spaces where you can hold your reception or photo shoot after the eventful day!

Check out the range of stunning garden settings

Sydney Wedding Venue GardensSydney Wedding Venue iconic gardens

Botanic House

Botanic House is an 18th century structure that was originally built for the tavern and market gardeners of Sydney. It has been beautifully renovated to give you a space suited specifically as your wedding reception venue in one stunning location: next door at The Royal Botanical Gardens! Famous for its Asian fusion restaurant is led by TV presenter & former Master Chef judge Luke Nguyen.

Sydney Wedding Venue historic locationSydney Wedding Venue award winning chef

Check out some more Sydney Venues with qualified reviews and recommendations at:

Australia Bridal Industry Academy

Easy Weddings



Business Tools for Celebrants: Sound Systems

Talk to 20 different Celebrants and you could get 20 different responses. There are however a number of high quality systems that are used by many professional Celebrants.

Below are links to 3 different systems that meet the criteria needed by Celebrants from 3 different suppliers. Check them out:




Know Your Stuff about Marriage Celebrants in an Online Environment

You should proceed with the wedding. The bride did not need to bring the original Notice of Intended Marriage with her.

Why? The  Attorney-General’s Department published and provided all celebrants with Marriage Celebrants in an Online Environment June 2019. In this document it clearly indicates the documents that an authorised celebrant can receive electronically. They are:

  • The Notice of Intended Marriage (Notice)
  • Original supporting documents – passport (scanned original), birth certificate (scanned original), divorce certificates (scanned original or certified copy).
  • A Commonwealth statutory declaration (scanned original signed in pen).

To find out more and ensure you know your stuff go:

Marriage Celebrants in an Online Environment June 2019 Fact Sheet

Marriage Celebrants in an Online Environment June 2019 Quick Reference Guide

Tips to Find the Best Marriage Celebrant

There are many things to consider to find the best marriage celebrant. Some people go on first impressions or “gut feelings”. Others choose on price – the least or most expensive.

You only want to get married once… ensure it’s what you want! Remember your celebration can’t be repeated! Apart from 5 sentences that must be stated to cover legal obligations, the rest is what you want. Remember it’s your ceremony not your celebrant’s.

Here are 10 tips to help you find the best marriage celebrant.

Talk to/meet the Celebrant before choosing

The best way to find the best marriage Celebrant  is to meet them. Many celebrants will offer a no obligation first meeting. It’s important the celebrant understands your needs and asks you the right questions. Is the celebrant keen to ensure they understand what you expect from them? It’s also important to understand what is required of you when you find the best marriage celebrant. It shouldn’t take long when you meet them to determine that you have found best marriage celebrant for you.

Check the Celebrant’s availability

A couple of key questions to ask include … Is the celebrant available on the date and time you have in mind? Does the celebrant conduct multiple ceremony a day? Some celebrants conduct multiple weddings a day and it’s important understand any risks of your celebrant being delayed at their previous ceremony.

Choose the Celebrant with the right attitude

Does the celebrant show they’ll deliver a ceremony that meets you needs? It important to understand how they are going to help to determine what you needs. You are wise to consider when you chat, if the celebrant listens to your needs, ideas and concerns or tells you what they will do without a level of understanding.

Choose the Celebrant with a proven reputation

Does the celebrant have a proven reputation? Take the time to read their reviews/testimonials. To ind the best marriage Celebrant heck their website and sites that you can be confident of the validity of the reviews. Sometimes social media may not be truly reflective of quality. See if you can observe them performing a ceremony in a video.

Choose the Celebrant with the right personality

Does the celebrant have a personality that you find attractive? Above all only you will know when you meet. Alternatively, a phone discussion is a pretty good start in helping to choose a Celebrant.

Choose the Celebrant who demonstrates professionalism

Choose a celebrant who is always developing themselves and interest in continuous improvement. Is the celebrant a member of celebrant associations/networks? Has the celebrant done recent training in celebrancy or workshops held by celebrant associations?

Choose a Celebrant with the right experience

Ask how much experience the celebrant has. Above all, try to gauge whether they have spent years using the same old formula. In contrast are they focused on continually learning through experience.

Check out the Celebrant’s location

Is the celebrant within reasonable travelling distance to the venue? Do they charge for travel? Choosing a Celebrant who lives around the corner isn’t the best indicator. Some celebrants will travel anywhere in Australia others operate in a small region.

Understand the Celebrant’s fees

Is the celebrant charging a commensurate fee?  Choose a Celebrant where the fee matches the work/service they provide. Do they offer a flat fee or add on extras for travel and extra meetings? As with any wedding vendor there will be a wide range of fees on offer. The saying you get what you pay for is generally true in the wedding industry.

Once you  find the Best Marriage Celebrant and have a venue and scheduled a wedding date, why not schedule a boudoir photography session with Woman by Pierre to set the mood for your wedding day? The session will ease the stress from wedding planning and make the journey towards your wedding an exciting one, and both you and your partner will definitely appreciate the images!

Best Wedding Locations in Australia … here’s 10 of them

Selecting the best location for your wedding is much easier said than done. The space needs to check so many boxes – accommodation and amenities for you and your guests, a good catering service for a variety of food and drink options, and a plan in case the weather starts acting up that day. It also has to be a place that represents you as a couple and is absolutely beautiful for those perfect wedding photos. So whether you’re after those country vibes or prefer a coastal getaway, you’ll definitely find the perfect setting that matches your wedding theme in this list we’ve devised JUst married at one of thev best wedding locations with Brisbane Celebrantsome of the best wedding locations in Australia

While you are planning your location, now is also the perfect time to lock in your wedding celebrant. Getting to know couples in the early stages of their planning ensures that ceremonies can be catered to their liking and individual personalities.

Glenmore Country Estate

This is a private, country venue with five-star treatment for both you and your guests. Glenmore Country Estate is 3.5 hours north of Sydney, and gives you that luxurious country charm. It has accommodation that sleeps 8 and a country barn that can hold 100 guests, perfect if you want the simplicity of holding the ceremony and reception in one place.

St. Joseph’s Guest House

St Joseph’s Guest House is the creation of Steve Kavanagh, who saw the potential of the ruins of an 1800’s Catholic Church. Rich in history, this venue is the perfect place to have an intimate daytime wedding. They’re Guesthouse accommodates up to 10 people, and the venue itself can hold 60 guests.

The Brown Brothers Winery

More than just a vacation hotspot Brown Brothers Winery is the destination for those who want a simple and intimate outdoor wedding. The gorgeous vineyard location also has a beautiful view of Mt. Buffalo, which makes the perfect background for all those photos. Your ceremony can be held in their barnyard, and you can even include a wine tasting as part of the reception.

Projekt 3488

Designed for versatility, this venue has beautiful gardens for a cocktail reception and a cast iron fire pit for intimate connections. Projekt 3488 is an elegant, warm, inviting and inclusive space. It holds 150 guests for a cocktail style, or 110 guests if you want a seated dining experience. They will also help you along with your wedding plans as they offer dedicated event planning and styling services.

The Substation

One of Melbourne’s most exciting and exclusive events spaces, The Substation accommodates around 80 to a maximum of 200 guests. The venue lends itself to limitless creative opportunities as your wedding will be scheduled around their annual curated arts program.

Loyal Hope Of The Valley

For a classic, picturesque, and romantic wedding Loyal Hope of the Valley is your dream location. The hall features whitewashed walls, hardwood floors, and an art-deco styled bar. Not to mention the venue gets beautiful beams of natural light for all those stunning photo opportunities. Located in Brisbane’s fortitude valley, this is a blank canvas for you to decorate as much (or little) as you wish.

Fitzroy Island Resort

With 339 hectares of tranquil land, Fitzroy Island Resort is the perfect place to have a beach or resort wedding. You can have an intimate island wedding for just the two of you, or invite your friends and family to join you on one of their stunning ceremony areas. Choose from the Welcome Bay Beach, their lush tropical garden paradise, or even the Nudey Beach. Could this be one of the best wedding locations in Australia?

Museum Of Old And New Art (MONA)

For artsy couples whose love for the arts is outwon only by their love for each other, this is the wedding venue for you. The MONA has several function venues to choose from, all of which are guaranteed to impress your guests and make for stunning photos. Their luxury accommodations have a special rate just for the newlyweds. This feast for the eyes is just a short ferry ride away from Hobart.

Nedlands Yacht Club

If you want an idyllic summer wedding Nedlands Yacht Club is the perfect waterfront location for you. The venue can hold up to 500 people, and its spaces can be customized to however you want – their staff are flexible and can help you create a magical wedding day.

Kingsford Homestead

Just 45 minutes away from Adelaide is this exclusive venue. Located in the Barossa Valley, the scenery gives a sophisticated vibe that will show up on all your photos. However, Kingsford Homestead only caters a select number of weddings each year, so for a truly special ceremony you need to book this venue as soon as possible. Is this one of the best wedding locations in Australia?

Once you’ve found the perfect venue and have scheduled a date, why not schedule a boudoir photography session with Woman by Pierre to set the mood for your wedding day? The session will ease the stress from wedding planning and make the journey towards your wedding an exciting one, and both you and your partner will definitely appreciate the images!