Wedding Music makes your Marriage Ceremony uniquely yours.

Generally, music is played upon the entrance, during the signing of legal documentation and at the end. It’s also very appropriate to have background music played prior and after the Ceremony.

Music can be recorded music where appropriate copyright is managed. As your Wedding Celebrant I can look after this as well as the reproduction. Many venues can do this as well.

To add another dimension, live music or a professional DJ helps create a wonderful background to a wedding ceremony. Think of your wedding ceremony music as the soundtrack to a romantic film. The right ceremony music will take all of the wonderful emotions you’re feeling and take you to a higher level.

I have enjoyed Ceremonies with a wonderful harpist, brilliant string quartets, outstanding classical guitarists as well as amazing individual groups with vocals. No forgetting some brilliant DJs. The options are really endless.

Here are some amazing live musicians  and DJs who can help create a fabulous atmosphere for the wedding ceremony.

Naomi is a fabulous Wedding Harpist for a wedding click to her Video Naomi Terashima Harpist . To go to Naomi’s website: check her out here.

As a DJ/MC, DJ Corey has entertained at thousands of events since 1987, from intimate weddings of 20 through to parties of 5,000+ people, with hundreds of positive reviews. Check out DJ Corey: