4 Tips For Celebrants When Working with Photographers

Here are 4 tips For Celebrants when working with photographers. Whether it is a wedding, renewal of vows, naming ceremony, or funeral, a celebrant ensures each ceremony is unique, heartfelt and personal. They ensure all attendees are immersed in the event to share the joys of the occasion.

elebrants and Photographers working together help capture wonderful memoriesWith a celebrant officiating, a civil wedding becomes free from the constraints of a conventional one. Couples pick their wedding venue, from a range of options, popular ones include hotels, beaches, or gardens. They can write their own vows, apart from the mandatory wording. Celebrants are gifted speakers, who give the ceremony more personality than other options. Furthermore, the pair can invite as many people as they want and incorporate activities they enjoy in the celebration.

For the happy couple, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Such an event does not only entail careful planning but proper documentation as well. That’s where a celebrant and a photographer can work together, to properly capture in detail and with heart the nuptials. From the faces of family, to the moment of union, with the right planning the celebrant can ensure every moment is documented.

Here are 4 tips For Celebrants when working with photographers:

1. Prepare for the Special Day

Ensure the photographer knows the schedule and flow for the day’s events. Ideally both the celebrant and the photographer will have met the couple prior to the celebration. This allows all parties to agree on expectations, so the photographer can capture picture-worthy moments.

Having the celebrant and wedding photographer work collaboratively will ensure that the ceremony runs as smoothly as possible. They can run through the details together, including where special moments will happen and where guests will be positioned in specific parts of the event. The celebrant can also help the photographer be in the right spot at the right time by prompting the audience about which direction to face and what to do at a particular moment.

2. Greet the Guests Warmly

It is a known fact that every successful wedding celebrant has an aura that makes everyone around them feel at ease. However, setting the mood can be a little challenging if they encounter drowsy guests in a morning ceremony. Also, some, who are part of the behind-the-scenes, may appear low-spirited. The celebrant who warmly welcomes the guests and creates a natural, relaxing, and comfortable atmosphere, which  will be reflected in the photographs.

3. (Kindly) Stand Aside

The entire spectacle of a wedding can be enough to catch even the most experienced celebrant off-guard. This can unfortunately lead to a selection of photographs where guests and family members are obscured by the celebrant. This often happens at key moments, like the entrance or the ring exchange. It’s even more important for those split second moments that require intimacy: the couple’s vows and their first kiss as newlyweds.

Yes, a wedding is not possible without a celebrant uniting two people. However, couples would not appreciate a third party in the photograph on the wall, right? Hence why it is important to be in communication with the photographer to ensure that these special moments are captured correctly.

4. Engage, Engage, Engage

The ceremony should be as interactive as possible, and a celebrant can help make this happen. This allows for a deeper connection – which is what weddings are all about! If one or both of the couple are walked down the aisle by their family, a celebrant may encourage the latter to offer a hug or a kiss. During the main event, they heighten the synergy between the pair and the audience by encouraging to them laugh, smile, or glance at each other. Furthermore, after the first kiss, the celebrant will often invite the guests to join them in welcoming the newlyweds with a cheer and a big round of applause. Evoking natural and picture-perfect joy, evidenced by body language, is the key to a satisfied photographer.

Following these 4 tips For Celebrants when working with photographers will help ensure a very special celebration is remembered for the right reasons.

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