Paperwork/Legals Only Weddings

Paperwork/Legals only weddings  are becoming an increasingly popular option for couples who want a quick and simple way to get married. These types of weddings focus solely on the legal requirements of getting married, without any added frills or traditional ceremonies.

What are Paperwork/Legals Only Weddings?

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Paperwork/Legals only weddings are essentially a stripped-down version of a traditional wedding. They involve completing all the legal requirements for getting married, such as signing the marriage certificate and having it witnessed by an authorized person and two witnesses. This means that there is no formal ceremony or exchange of personal vows. There is a brief “ceremony” where mandatory sentences are shared by the Celebrant and the couple.

Why Choose a Paperwork/Legals Only Wedding?

There are several reasons why couples may opt for a Paperwork/Legals only wedding.

Legals Only Wedding Celebration

For some, Legals only marriages are often chosen by couples looking to get married as soon as possible without the expense of a traditional wedding ceremony. This may be due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • formalising a couple’s relationship prior to moving overseas
  • preferring to be married prior to the birth of a child
  • avoiding the expense of a bigger celebration
  • preferring a more intimate and low-key approach to getting married
  • to be legally married prior to an overseas celebration or traditional cultural celebration at another place and time
Preparing for a Paperwork/Legals Only Wedding

A Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) needs to be completed and lodged with your Celebrant at least one month before the ceremony. You will also need to provide proof of identity (a Passport will cover this) and any other documentation such as proof of divorce or death of a previous spouse.
Prior to your legals only ceremony a Declaration of No Impediment to Marriage must be signed to indicate you are consenting to marry of your own free will and you are legally entitled to marry.

What to Expect

As mentioned, legals only weddings do not involve any traditional ceremonies or exchanging of vows. The focus is solely on completing the legal requirements for marriage. This means that the ceremony itself will be quite short and simple.
During the legals only ceremony, you will be required to sign three marriage certificates in the presence of the Celebrant and two witnesses. All documents are then submitted for legal registration to Births Deaths and Marriages in the State of Australia where you are marrying.

Choosing Michael Janz as your Legals Only Celebrant

When planning a Legals only wedding, it is important to choose a celebrant who is authorized to perform marriages in your location. Couples should also consider a celebrant who specializes in Legals only weddings, such as Michael Janz. Michael will ensure you feel comfortable with his warm but professional demeanor.

Michael has extensive experience in conducting legals only weddings and can guide couples through the process with ease. He can also provide witnesses, as necessary for a small additional fee. Michael is dedicated to ensuring that your legals only wedding runs smoothly and stress-free. Michael can conduct ceremonies in his home office and is able to provide onsite parking for the ceremony. If you prefer, Michael can also travel to a location of your choice for the ceremony.


Paperwork/Legals only weddings may not have all the traditional elements of a traditional wedding, but they offer an efficient and cost-effective option for couples who are looking to marry with minimal fuss. They are a great option for couples who want to complete the legal requirements of marriage before celebrating with a larger, more traditional ceremony at another location. By choosing an experienced celebrant like Michael Janz, you can have peace of mind knowing that all legalities will be carried out in a professional and timely manner.