Tips to Find the Best Marriage Celebrant

There are many things to consider to find the best marriage celebrant. Some people go on first impressions or “gut feelings”. Others choose on price – the least or most expensive.

You only want to get married once… ensure it’s what you want! Remember your celebration can’t be repeated! Apart from 5 sentences that must be stated to cover legal obligations, the rest is what you want. Remember it’s your ceremony not your celebrant’s.

Here are 10 tips to help you find the best marriage celebrant.

Talk to/meet the Celebrant before choosing

The best way to find the best marriage Celebrant  is to meet them. Many celebrants will offer a no obligation first meeting. It’s important the celebrant understands your needs and asks you the right questions. Is the celebrant keen to ensure they understand what you expect from them? It’s also important to understand what is required of you when you find the best marriage celebrant. It shouldn’t take long when you meet them to determine that you have found best marriage celebrant for you.

Check the Celebrant’s availability

A couple of key questions to ask include … Is the celebrant available on the date and time you have in mind? Does the celebrant conduct multiple ceremony a day? Some celebrants conduct multiple weddings a day and it’s important understand any risks of your celebrant being delayed at their previous ceremony.

Choose the Celebrant with the right attitude

Does the celebrant show they’ll deliver a ceremony that meets you needs? It important to understand how they are going to help to determine what you needs. You are wise to consider when you chat, if the celebrant listens to your needs, ideas and concerns or tells you what they will do without a level of understanding.

Choose the Celebrant with a proven reputation

Does the celebrant have a proven reputation? Take the time to read their reviews/testimonials. To ind the best marriage Celebrant heck their website and sites that you can be confident of the validity of the reviews. Sometimes social media may not be truly reflective of quality. See if you can observe them performing a ceremony in a video.

Choose the Celebrant with the right personality

Does the celebrant have a personality that you find attractive? Above all only you will know when you meet. Alternatively, a phone discussion is a pretty good start in helping to choose a Celebrant.

Choose the Celebrant who demonstrates professionalism

Choose a celebrant who is always developing themselves and interest in continuous improvement. Is the celebrant a member of celebrant associations/networks? Has the celebrant done recent training in celebrancy or workshops held by celebrant associations?

Choose a Celebrant with the right experience

Ask how much experience the celebrant has. Above all, try to gauge whether they have spent years using the same old formula. In contrast are they focused on continually learning through experience.

Check out the Celebrant’s location

Is the celebrant within reasonable travelling distance to the venue? Do they charge for travel? Choosing a Celebrant who lives around the corner isn’t the best indicator. Some celebrants will travel anywhere in Australia others operate in a small region.

Understand the Celebrant’s fees

Is the celebrant charging a commensurate fee?  Choose a Celebrant where the fee matches the work/service they provide. Do they offer a flat fee or add on extras for travel and extra meetings? As with any wedding vendor there will be a wide range of fees on offer. The saying you get what you pay for is generally true in the wedding industry.

Once you  find the Best Marriage Celebrant and have a venue and scheduled a wedding date, why not schedule a boudoir photography session with Woman by Pierre to set the mood for your wedding day? The session will ease the stress from wedding planning and make the journey towards your wedding an exciting one, and both you and your partner will definitely appreciate the images!

Best Wedding Locations in Australia … here’s 10 of them

Selecting the best location for your wedding is much easier said than done. The space needs to check so many boxes – accommodation and amenities for you and your guests, a good catering service for a variety of food and drink options, and a plan in case the weather starts acting up that day. It also has to be a place that represents you as a couple and is absolutely beautiful for those perfect wedding photos. So whether you’re after those country vibes or prefer a coastal getaway, you’ll definitely find the perfect setting that matches your wedding theme in this list we’ve devised JUst married at one of thev best wedding locations with Brisbane Celebrantsome of the best wedding locations in Australia

While you are planning your location, now is also the perfect time to lock in your wedding celebrant. Getting to know couples in the early stages of their planning ensures that ceremonies can be catered to their liking and individual personalities.

Glenmore Country Estate

This is a private, country venue with five-star treatment for both you and your guests. Glenmore Country Estate is 3.5 hours north of Sydney, and gives you that luxurious country charm. It has accommodation that sleeps 8 and a country barn that can hold 100 guests, perfect if you want the simplicity of holding the ceremony and reception in one place.

St. Joseph’s Guest House

St Joseph’s Guest House is the creation of Steve Kavanagh, who saw the potential of the ruins of an 1800’s Catholic Church. Rich in history, this venue is the perfect place to have an intimate daytime wedding. They’re Guesthouse accommodates up to 10 people, and the venue itself can hold 60 guests.

The Brown Brothers Winery

More than just a vacation hotspot Brown Brothers Winery is the destination for those who want a simple and intimate outdoor wedding. The gorgeous vineyard location also has a beautiful view of Mt. Buffalo, which makes the perfect background for all those photos. Your ceremony can be held in their barnyard, and you can even include a wine tasting as part of the reception.

Projekt 3488

Designed for versatility, this venue has beautiful gardens for a cocktail reception and a cast iron fire pit for intimate connections. Projekt 3488 is an elegant, warm, inviting and inclusive space. It holds 150 guests for a cocktail style, or 110 guests if you want a seated dining experience. They will also help you along with your wedding plans as they offer dedicated event planning and styling services.

The Substation

One of Melbourne’s most exciting and exclusive events spaces, The Substation accommodates around 80 to a maximum of 200 guests. The venue lends itself to limitless creative opportunities as your wedding will be scheduled around their annual curated arts program.

Loyal Hope Of The Valley

For a classic, picturesque, and romantic wedding Loyal Hope of the Valley is your dream location. The hall features whitewashed walls, hardwood floors, and an art-deco styled bar. Not to mention the venue gets beautiful beams of natural light for all those stunning photo opportunities. Located in Brisbane’s fortitude valley, this is a blank canvas for you to decorate as much (or little) as you wish.

Fitzroy Island Resort

With 339 hectares of tranquil land, Fitzroy Island Resort is the perfect place to have a beach or resort wedding. You can have an intimate island wedding for just the two of you, or invite your friends and family to join you on one of their stunning ceremony areas. Choose from the Welcome Bay Beach, their lush tropical garden paradise, or even the Nudey Beach. Could this be one of the best wedding locations in Australia?

Museum Of Old And New Art (MONA)

For artsy couples whose love for the arts is outwon only by their love for each other, this is the wedding venue for you. The MONA has several function venues to choose from, all of which are guaranteed to impress your guests and make for stunning photos. Their luxury accommodations have a special rate just for the newlyweds. This feast for the eyes is just a short ferry ride away from Hobart.

Nedlands Yacht Club

If you want an idyllic summer wedding Nedlands Yacht Club is the perfect waterfront location for you. The venue can hold up to 500 people, and its spaces can be customized to however you want – their staff are flexible and can help you create a magical wedding day.

Kingsford Homestead

Just 45 minutes away from Adelaide is this exclusive venue. Located in the Barossa Valley, the scenery gives a sophisticated vibe that will show up on all your photos. However, Kingsford Homestead only caters a select number of weddings each year, so for a truly special ceremony you need to book this venue as soon as possible. Is this one of the best wedding locations in Australia?

Once you’ve found the perfect venue and have scheduled a date, why not schedule a boudoir photography session with Woman by Pierre to set the mood for your wedding day? The session will ease the stress from wedding planning and make the journey towards your wedding an exciting one, and both you and your partner will definitely appreciate the images!

Fall in Love Again: 6 Simple-Yet-Romantic Activities For Couples to Enjoy

Do you want to fall in love again? Here are 6 simple yet romantic activities for couples to enjoy.

Movie nights, dinner dates, long walks on the beach – while these are the top romantic activities for couples, they get boring in the long run. You want something that helps you create wonderful memories with your partner, where the world becomes a blur and it’s only you and your partner that matter the most.

Fall in love againFor that, you need out-of-the-box date ideas, those that are simple yet leave a good mark on your relationship. And you’re in luck! We’ve got six simple-yet-romantic activities for couples like you to keep the love burning.

The best part about these ideas is that you don’t need to spend plenty of bucks or get into a whirlwind of planning to do these. Just grab your partner and let your hearts, feet, and laughter let loose!

1. Fall in Love Again and take a bike ride

Rent a tandem bike and get both of your feet cycling through every street and corners of your area. Even if you’re not trained cyclists, getting on a bike ride together will make you appreciate the athletic activity. You get to tick off your fitness goals for the day, and you also work on your teamwork skills at the same time.

Plus, nothing inspires interesting conversations than a road trip close to nature or the outside world.

Don’t worry about the route – just let the wind take you wherever you feel like going. Who knows, you might discover new places in the community you never knew existed! However, if you’re not one for the carefree vagabond setup, you can search for organized bike tours in the area.

2. Go stargazing

Go stargazing and fall in love againIf you’re out of simple date ideas, try bringing your partner under the night skies for a quiet time of admiring the twinkling stars above. Drive in a clear field or get into the rooftop and just lie down with your partner under the moonlight.

Bring your telescope or a pair of binoculars if you want to view the stars up close. Have a little game with your partner on who can point the most constellations in the sky. If you want to show off, brush up on your astronomy knowledge before heading out into the night.

To make things more romantic, grab some blankets and sleep under the stars. Nothing beats falling asleep to the lull of the wind at night and waking up to some warm sun rays!

3. Fall in love again and do a movie marathon date at home

Movie marathons may always be the top activity choice for couples that sometimes it already becomes boring. So to spice things up and continue your love for cinematic stories, spruce up your movie nights into something more personal and romantic.

Make your outdoor space a theater that doubles into the best cuddling spot! Rent out a projector and place it in the backyard. Then decorate the place with lights, build a pillow fort with snuggly blankets, and ready the popcorn and other snacks nearby.

Instead of watching something under your favorite genres, pick out something you’ve never dared to watch before. If you’re both into action or sci-fi films, why not go for thrillers or the good ole’ classics? Better yet, pick the most random movie! You might discover a new favorite by being a little adventurous with your cinematic choice.

4. Learn a new hobby together

What better way to learn more about each other and develop a stronger relationship than getting into a whole new activity together? Bring out the list of things you and your partner have always wanted to try and work on learning them together.Learn a new hobby together and fall in love again

Always wanted to paint like Bob Ross but never found the time or motivation to grab the canvas and some paint? Then that’s what you’re doing on your next date with your special someone!

Or perhaps you both wanted to get into photography? In that case, bring out your DSLRs or your smartphone cameras and photograph everything around you. Collect every photo and create an online photo album so you’ll have the best memory keepsake and progress tracker in one!

You don’t need to be good at something for both of you to enjoy your new hobby. As long as you get good laughs and conversations out of it, don’t stop pushing through the hobby.

5. Fall in love again and indulge in some video games.

If you and your partner are suckers for good stories, an adrenaline-seeking activity, something that permits friendly competition, or all of the above, try video games. These are good alternatives if you’re already bored with Netflix.

And the best part? Whatever your preferred console is -Xbox, PS4, PC, or Nintendo Switch – there are literally thousands of game options at your fingertips.

Are you both fans of action movies? Try GTA V, PUBG, Injustice, or the classic Call of Duty.

Want to immerse yourself in a different universe? Go wild on Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Subnautica, or Animal Crossings: New Horizon (you can also go on virtual dates here).

Even if you’re new gamers, you’ll find something you’ll get hooked on!

6. Start gardening

Start gardening and fall in love againHaving a little relaxing hobby pays to keep your sanity and relationship balanced. So why not try gardening?

Sure, you’ll need to get your hands dirty, but the immersive experience with nature is the actual fun part here. Surrounding yourself with a greener environment also helps your cortisol levels to go down, making you and your partner experience tranquility while at home.

You can start your journey to a greener life with some succulent plants like such as cactus, snake plant, aloe vera, and Mexican snowball. They’re low maintenance, and they take up little space in your garden.

If you want to get into cooking, you can also start an herbs garden at home. There are plenty of seeds for common herbs available today, and they’re low maintenance like succulents too.

Spending time together doesn’t need to be grandiose all the time when you fall in love again

Sometimes, it’s the little gestures we do to the love of our lives that leaves the best memories in their hearts. So the next time you’re out of activity ideas with your special someone, why not keep it simple and meaningful? There are plenty of date night ideas you can try with your partner, but take the liberty of starting with those from this list!

4 Tips For Celebrants When Working with Photographers

Here are 4 tips For Celebrants when working with photographers. Whether it is a wedding, renewal of vows, naming ceremony, or funeral, a celebrant ensures each ceremony is unique, heartfelt and personal. They ensure all attendees are immersed in the event to share the joys of the occasion.

elebrants and Photographers working together help capture wonderful memoriesWith a celebrant officiating, a civil wedding becomes free from the constraints of a conventional one. Couples pick their wedding venue, from a range of options, popular ones include hotels, beaches, or gardens. They can write their own vows, apart from the mandatory wording. Celebrants are gifted speakers, who give the ceremony more personality than other options. Furthermore, the pair can invite as many people as they want and incorporate activities they enjoy in the celebration.

For the happy couple, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Such an event does not only entail careful planning but proper documentation as well. That’s where a celebrant and a photographer can work together, to properly capture in detail and with heart the nuptials. From the faces of family, to the moment of union, with the right planning the celebrant can ensure every moment is documented.

Here are 4 tips For Celebrants when working with photographers:

1. Prepare for the Special Day

Ensure the photographer knows the schedule and flow for the day’s events. Ideally both the celebrant and the photographer will have met the couple prior to the celebration. This allows all parties to agree on expectations, so the photographer can capture picture-worthy moments.

Having the celebrant and wedding photographer work collaboratively will ensure that the ceremony runs as smoothly as possible. They can run through the details together, including where special moments will happen and where guests will be positioned in specific parts of the event. The celebrant can also help the photographer be in the right spot at the right time by prompting the audience about which direction to face and what to do at a particular moment.

2. Greet the Guests Warmly

It is a known fact that every successful wedding celebrant has an aura that makes everyone around them feel at ease. However, setting the mood can be a little challenging if they encounter drowsy guests in a morning ceremony. Also, some, who are part of the behind-the-scenes, may appear low-spirited. The celebrant who warmly welcomes the guests and creates a natural, relaxing, and comfortable atmosphere, which  will be reflected in the photographs.

3. (Kindly) Stand Aside

The entire spectacle of a wedding can be enough to catch even the most experienced celebrant off-guard. This can unfortunately lead to a selection of photographs where guests and family members are obscured by the celebrant. This often happens at key moments, like the entrance or the ring exchange. It’s even more important for those split second moments that require intimacy: the couple’s vows and their first kiss as newlyweds.

Yes, a wedding is not possible without a celebrant uniting two people. However, couples would not appreciate a third party in the photograph on the wall, right? Hence why it is important to be in communication with the photographer to ensure that these special moments are captured correctly.

4. Engage, Engage, Engage

The ceremony should be as interactive as possible, and a celebrant can help make this happen. This allows for a deeper connection – which is what weddings are all about! If one or both of the couple are walked down the aisle by their family, a celebrant may encourage the latter to offer a hug or a kiss. During the main event, they heighten the synergy between the pair and the audience by encouraging to them laugh, smile, or glance at each other. Furthermore, after the first kiss, the celebrant will often invite the guests to join them in welcoming the newlyweds with a cheer and a big round of applause. Evoking natural and picture-perfect joy, evidenced by body language, is the key to a satisfied photographer.

Following these 4 tips For Celebrants when working with photographers will help ensure a very special celebration is remembered for the right reasons.

If you are planning a wedding in Queensland, hiring Michael Janz, one of the best celebrants from Brisbane, is a great decision you can make for your nuptials. He’s an expert in everything mentioned above, with many successful and acclaimed ceremonies under his belt. Michael will passionately celebrate you and your fiancé’s journey.

If you plan to have a child in the future, you can also have him lead your future baby’s naming ceremony. To complement such an event and his services, consider having Chapter One Photography. One of Sydney’s most qualified and outstanding newborn, baby, and maternity photographers. Capturing memories to last you a lifetime.


Free Couple Photo Shoot

Would you like to receive a free couple photo shoot valued at $185? Book your wedding ceremony with popular Brisbane based Marriage Celebrant Michael Janz and the couple photo shoot  with Brisbane’s best wedding photographer, the award winning Evoke Studios is yours (conditions apply).

What is a Couple Photo Shoot?

A Couple Photo Shoot is a short photo session typically with your wedding photographer  before your wedding. A Couple Photo Shoot is great way to get used to being in front of the camera as well as build rapport with your photographer.  In this case you will  receive a lovely digital  romantic photograph well before your wedding.

Josie from Evoke Studios will capture your pre-wedding couple photo shoot.  She can also capture the many special moments throughout your wedding. After being a Brisbane wedding photographer for over 15 years Josie knows exactly where to look, and gets a total kick out of capturing the perfect wedding photography moment.

Who is Michael Janz Celebrant?

With a knack for setting an unforgettable tone to a wedding day, Michael Janz is professional, personable, and passionate in his work as a marriage celebrant. He does his job with a sense of pride and certainly brings a ‘wow’ factor to each ceremony.

Michael makes each ceremony unique. He aims to reflect the nature of each couple and bring out their special elements for the day. Simply put, Michael is always excited to celebrate love and acknowledge the partnership you share.

Contact Michael Janz Celebrant today to book your wedding ceremony and claim your free Couple Photo Shoot valued at $185.

Free Couple Photo Shoot

Win a Couple Photo Shoot valued at $185 when booking your Wedding Ceremony with Michael Janz Celebrant

Conditions: Sessions are valid for locations within 30 minutes of Evoke Studios location at Springwood or your wedding venue. The couples photo shoot offer is valid within 30 days of confirming your booking with Michael Janz Celebrant and paying your booking fee/deposit.

Time to book your wedding for 2021

Now is a great time to book your wedding for 2021. If you are thinking of getting married, don’t delay your wedding plans any longer for 2021.  To have a choice with popular venues, photographers and Celebrants…now is the right time. As a result of Covid19, wedding vendors are rapidly filling for 2021 and 2022. For example, Boulevard Gardens is a terrific venue in the leafy western suburbs of Brisbane and they only have a handful of Saturday nights left in 2021.

If it’s time to book your wedding for 2021, what’s next?

You need a plan!

Time to book your wedding for 2021

Rainforest Retreat Wedding Venue with Brisbane Celebrant Michael Janz

Getting married is an exciting, wonderful time! However, without effective planning and coordination, it can be a stressful, overwhelming exercise. Developing your own Wedding Planning Checklist will make the planning process smoother. Think of your wedding as an important project.

Your planning needs to:

Identify how you want your wedding to look and feel before you book.

What you must have at your wedding? What’s the most important aspect of your wedding day? What do you want to remember most about your wedding day? Is there a wedding theme you want reflect? Is it a traditional/classic wedding or elegant/contemporary or vintage or a romantic vineyard or rustic or on the beach or bohemian or just simple with no frills?

Identify a realistic budget prior to booking.

When it’s time to book your wedding for 2021, make sure you know the answers to to these questions. Who is funding the wedding? Do you understand the realistic costs of all the elements of your dream wedding? Are you aware you can save funds by considering dates, times that aren’t the highly in demand?

Identify the vendors you need .

Nowadays, venues, photographers and celebrants can be booked out years in advance. Consequently, booking these suppliers early is extremely wise.

Develop a timeframe.

A timeframe outlines the key steps and likely timings to make sure you enjoy your special day and create a celebration that you look back on with a smile on your face.

When it’s time to book your wedding for 2021, don’t re-invent the wheel. There are lots of free checklists available. Find a comprehensive wedding planning checklist to get a feel for things you need to do and when you should do them. You can download one here.

Our 2021 dates are booking out fast and there are only a handful of Saturday nights available! 💕💍If you are dreaming…

Posted by Boulevard Gardens on Friday, July 31, 2020

How to Develop a Wedding Checklist: The Love List

How to develop a wedding checklist is a key challenge when getting married. Getting married is an exciting, wonderful time! However, without effective planning and coordination, it can be a stressful, overwhelming exercise.

Developing your own Wedding Planning Checklist will make the planning process smoother. Think of your wedding as an important project.

Your planning needs to:

Identify how you want your wedding to look and feel.

What you must have at your wedding? What’s the most important aspect of your wedding day? What do you want to remember most about your wedding day? Is there a wedding theme you want reflect? Is it a traditional/classic wedding or elegant/contemporary or vintage or a romantic vineyard or rustic or on the beach or bohemian or just simple with no frills?

Identify a realistic budget.

Who is funding the wedding? Do you understand the realistic costs of all the elements of your dream wedding? Are you aware you can save funds by considering dates, times that aren’t the highly in demand?

Identify the vendors you need.

Nowadays, venues, photographers and celebrants can be booked out years in advance. Consequently, booking these suppliers early is extremely wise.

Develop a timeframe.

A timeframe outlines the key steps and likely timings to make sure you enjoy your special day and create a celebration that you look back on with a smile on your face.

Don’t re-invent the wheel. There are lots of free checklists available. Find a comprehensive wedding planning checklist to get a feel for things you need to do and when you should do them. You can download one here.

Effective planning and coordination is a key to your dream wedding.

Michael Janz Celebrant is Open for Weddings during the COVID-19 Crisis

Michael Janz, Brisbane Celebrant is open for weddings. Yes, I’m still taking new bookings and performing weddings while adhering to the current Covid-19 restrictions.
I’m also doing everything possible to help couples whose dream wedding has been affected by the restrictions.

In some cases, we are proceeding with a 5-person wedding on the planned date. A number of these couples are planning for me to conduct a renewal of vows/commitment ceremony later in 2020 or 2021.

Many couples have elected to move their date to later in 2020 or 2021. I’m not charging extra fees for date changes. I’ve really appreciated couples trying to match my availability with other wedding vendors.

With the many changes, I’d strongly encourage couples planning to get married late this year or next year to book their venue, celebrant and photographer as soon as possible. The impact of the Covid-19 restrictions means I have more dates booked for 2021 than I would normally have at this stage of the year. I’m sure many other popular venues, celebrants and photographers would have less availability than is usually the case.
To ensure the health and well-being of everyone concerned, I’m taking some precautions.


• Online meetings ie Skype, FaceTime and Zoom are now also available for local couples (in addition to interstate and overseas based couples)
• When planning meetings, please advise if you haven’t been feeling well or have arrived from overseas within the last 2 weeks, in which case we will need to meet online.
• As a marriage Celebrant, I ensure social distancing is practiced throughout meetings.
• With current restrictions, I am not shaking hands.
• Before, after and between every meeting we will wash and sanitize our hands.
• When meetings are held at my home office, I use sanitizers and/or antibacterial wipes to clean tables and chairs before and after every meeting.
• Any pens and other items used during meetings are cleaned with sanitizers and/or antibacterial wipes.


• I am arriving for weddings around 30 minutes prior during current restrictions.
• If we are using a microphone during the ceremony, I will sanitize this before and after use.
• I have hand sanitizer available for use, and personally use this frequently.
• Unfortunately, I am not shaking hands with or hugging couples or guests.
• For the Signing:
o Separate sanitized pens are provided for the couple and each witness,
o To minimize time the witnesses are in contact with paperwork, witnesses’ names are pre-printed on legal documents,
o Post it tags are being used to indicate where and who needs to sign each document,
o Tablecloths from signing tables are hot washed after every ceremony.

I look forward to talking to you soon to help plan your wedding/elopement. Michael Janz, Brisbane Celebrant is open for weddings

Lets get married despite the Covid-19 restrictions

Getting Married in Australia during the COVID-19 Crisis

Getting married in Australia during the COVID-19 crisis has created great challenges for couples. As of 25 March, 2020 the solemnisation of a marriage is to occur with a maximum attendance of no more than five people, being the two parties, the authorised marriage celebrant, and the two witnesses. Social distancing of 1 person per 4 square metres is to be enforced. This applies to marriages both indoors and outdoors.

This change along with limitations on gathering of groups of people has meant that traditional wedding venues have had to cease operating. Consequently, you can’t get married at the professional venue you’ve booked while the current restrictions are in place . No one knows when these restrictions will be lifted or if there will be increased restrictions.

Many couples getting Married in Australia during COVID-19 crisis have been faced with the dilemma of what to.  Firstly, its important to take time to consider what is best for you as a couple. We in the wedding industry want to support you and reduce the anxiety you may be feeling. There is no doubt the restrictions are rightly in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Australia and to keep you and your family and friends safe. It is very wise to contact your key wedding vendors to look at available options.

There are a number of likely choices:

Postpone your wedding

This option is a realistic one. Your vendors, in particular your venue, celebrant and photographer will be keen to support you in finding a realistic date. It’s important to understand that with many couples postponing until 2021, Saturdays and Sundays will fill quickly. It may be worth considering week-day options.

Proceed with your wedding date at your home or in a park/beach

It is very likely you can still proceed with your wedding on your planned date or another one with your celebrant and 2 witnesses.  The venue could be in places such as your home or in a park or the beach. You could have a big celebration down the track when the restrictions are lifted. Your celebrant could conduct a renewal of vows that everyone could celebrate with you.

If you proceed with this option, you could arrange for the livestreaming of your intimate ceremony. One of your witnesses could stream via Facebook or Skype to your family and friends in their own home anywhere in the world. Alternatively, if you wanted a more professional record, your Videographer or Photographer could act as a witness as well as stream your wedding.

Cancel your wedding

Cancelling your wedding is an option. However, after months or years of planning this choice has both potential financial and emotional costs. Cancellation would almost certainly mean losing your deposit. It also would be devastating for your vendors, most of who are small businesses who are suffering enormously from the COVID-19 restrictions.

I personally look forward to continuing to help couples getting married in Australia during COVID-19 crisis realise their wedding dreams in the current restrictive environment. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any help or advice.

What Goes Into Planning a Kid-Friendly Wedding?

Whether you are planning a large or a small wedding, there is almost surely going to be some children among the attendees. While in the past, children may have been relegated to staying with a babysitter or were entertained by one of the adults while the event took place, more and more couples are tailoring their weddings to be more inclusive and enjoyable for all ages.

Kid friendly wedding

Preparing a kid-friendly wedding does not have to be difficult but it does take a bit of extra planning to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Fortunately, since kid-friendly weddings are becoming more common, there is ample advice out there to help you with the preparations. Following some of these strategies will help you create a wedding plan that is memorable both for you and attendees of all ages.

Let’s look at some of the essential things that need to be considered when planning a kid-friendly wedding.

Get The Details ASAP

To plan for a kid-friendly wedding, it is important to know exactly how many children will be coming, and how old these children are. This is instrumental in deciding how much your wedding plans will need to be tweaked to accommodate the younger people. If there are many children on the guest list, for example, you will need to devote more time and budget for planning kids meals and activities.

Consider The Location

With a group of kids in the audience, it is important to pick a location that has some separate space for them to play. Even the most well-behaved kids will have difficulty in sitting through a long ceremony or bloviated speeches, indeed, this may be difficult for most adults. Be sure to have a separate room or separate outdoor area where kids can run around for a bit when they start to get restless.

Food For All

While wedding budgets are usually spent on providing top-tier food options for guests, catering to younger palates simply takes a bit of forethought. Including some finger foods, juice boxes, and non-messy desserts in your menu will allow everyone to be satisfied with the fare.

Activities For All

If planned well, your wedding can incorporate activities that will be fun for people of all ages. Outdoor weddings are great for this, as you can plan physical games or activities, for example, including larger things like an inflatable bouncy castle,  without worrying about space limitations.

For younger children, you can be sure to have some age-appropriate activities on hand as well. Providing them with an activity pack with colouring materials or even craft supplies can work well. Blowing bubbles and board games are also an affordable way to keep younger attendees occupied.

Hire Babysitters

If there are a lot of children on the guest list and you want all adults in attendance to be able to enjoy the ceremony and reception, then hire a few babysitters, either from your social network or from a professional service, to look after the kids. While this will take a chunk out of your wedding budget, it will provide you with peace of mind and allow you to focus on yourself on the big day.

Make It Fun For All Ages

If you want children to be at your wedding, make sure that the ceremony and reception are enjoyable for them. A group of bored or unsatisfied children is a ticking time bomb at your wedding, so be sure to use the tips outlined here to start crafting a plan to keep them happy. With a bit of effort and planning, you will be able to create a wedding plan that is enjoyable for all ages.

Written By Marquee Monkeys