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Budget Weddings in Sydney

Want a low budget wedding without all the fuss of a traditional big wedding?

Budget Weddings in Sydney are often called Legals Only Weddings in Sydney (aka Paperwork Only Weddings) are increasingly popular for couples. Budget Weddings in Sydney are ideal for couples who want to be legally married, without the ceremony, without possible drama or expense of a typical more elaborate wedding with witnesses only attending.

Want a no fuss, no stress inexpensive wedding?

Budget Weddings in Sydney aka Legals Only weddings are ideal for couples who don’t have the time, money or desire to have an elaborate ceremony. They are perfect for a couple who plan to celebrate at another time or place with family and friends. The beauty of these weddings is that they are cost-effective and stress-free – leaving more time to think about other important details such as your honeymoon destination!

What is a Legals Only Wedding?

This blog post, explores what  constitutes  Budget Weddings in Sydney aka Legals Only Wedding, legal requirements and why some couples might consider it as their ultimate solution. Read on and find out how to make your dream day still special but with much less hassle and cost.

Elena and Brian Wedding with Sydney Celebrant Michael Janz

Elena and Brian Signing their Marriage Certificates

 7 steps of a Legals Only Wedding:
Get started for a Legals Only Wedding

1. Firstly speak to an Authorised Marriage Celebrant who you connect with and is skilled in conducting Budget Weddings  in Sydney aka Legals Only Wedding. Make a booking for your Legals Only Wedding.

2. Secondly your Marriage Celebrant will provide assistance to help you complete your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM). Your Celebrant will provide the NOIM for you to complete prior to it being signed and witnessed.

3. Email the “Notice of Intended Marriage” (NOIM) to your Celebrant who will enter your information into the NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages Portal. Your Celebrant will send the document to you  for checking.

Set up a Face to Face

4. Arrange a time to sign the  “Notice of Intended Marriage” (NOIM) with your Celebrant as your authorised witness. This must be done no later than a month before your planned wedding date. This must be done face to face.
a. Your Celebrant verifies your identities. Typically, your Passport/s OR Drivers Licence AND Birth Certificate will satisfy the requirements.
b. If you have been  married before, your Celebrant needs to view evidence of your Court divorce document or evidence of your last spouse’s death i.e. Death Certificate.

5. During the meeting the Celebrant provides you with a document, “Happily Ever … Before and After…Information for a couple planning to marry”.
a. Details of the legal wording that must be said by the Celebrant (3 sentences) and both partners (1 sentence each) are discussed. Furthermore you can discuss any other elements you would like to include in your Legals Only Wedding e.g. exchanging rings or sharing personal vows.
b. Additionally you will be provided with information about the other documents that need to be signed.

Your Legals Only Wedding Ceremony

6. A month or more after your Notice of Intended Marriage is lodged with your Marriage Celebrant your Legals Only ceremony can be held. The ‘Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage’ will be signed prior to the ceremony. Signing the Declaration, you declare that you are of marriageable age, and that there is no legal impediment to your marriage. In addition  to the legal words which will be said,  3 Marriage Certificates will be signed  and witnessed by 2 people over 18 years old. Generally they are the only guests at a Legals Only wedding. Talk to your Celebrant if you would like others to attend.

After Your Budget Weddings in Sydney

7. Finally, your Celebrant will register your marriage with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and will apply and pay for your Official Marriage Certificate.  It is posted by registered mail to you.

Therefore, if  a Legals Only wedding is for you, contact Sydney Marriage Celebrant Michael Janz for a stress-free paperwork only wedding. Michael is happy to host  face to face meetings and also the ceremony with you and 2 witnesses at his Randwick home office. Importantly talk to Michael Janz Celebrant about other places you may like to hold your Legals only wedding ceremony.